Belinda Gold International

Belinda is a great success while doing shootings in LA for NBC Universal, moderations in Spain on EHS , or in the UK at Ideal World TV. Periodically, she is currently at HSE24 Italia ( Rome , Italy ) HSE24 ( in Ismaning, for Germany , Austria and Switzerland) and M6 Boutique & Co ( in Paris for France, Belgium and Switzerland) on air . She moderates many shows in charming English . The native "Schwäbin" is also fluent in Hungarian. This enabled her even moderation route for Hungary.

Event Presentations

Moderating of fashion shows, at home and abroad internationally makes Belinda Gold internationally active for Gerry Weber, Betty Barclay , Desigual, Drykorn , as well as for several production companys. She is well known for her professionalism, charming hostess , with the necessary " Golden Throat " at and for any event , regardless if it is for a boxing match or fashion show, it will always be a memorable experience

Beauty- und Lifestyle column

Belinda writes with great pleasure a monthly column about Beauty Tricks , Fashion Tips , Lifestyle & more for the Enz Rundschau.

Belinda Gold charitable

Belinda Gold helps every year Since 2006 to raise money to support the SOS Kinderdorf.ev active . The saved money is used for example, for the education of children or as the foundation for later for a better or good life .

UNESCO supports various projects "Children in Need " . Well-known figures from the entertainment industry , such as Oliver Stone, Meg Ryan, Donnatella Versace and Sienna Miller are with their big names in the background behind the scenes helping to draw attention to the plight of the children and to combat the problems. Belinda is also committed to the UNESCO Foundation since 2008, for a good cause to allow needy children the right to a decent life.
"Moments of the Heart" is another action that Belinda like to get involved in. As a sponsor and presenter. They began in 2008 to work on the project. The goal: the small, ill patients in the Children's University Hospital in Munich to surprise with clown visits, games and gifts to sweeten the long and hard day to day challenge.
There are a number of other, often smaller auxiliary projects which Belinda has an ongoing involvement with and joy. With money donations, small presents and as a Reporter/Presenter.